SPlayer 2020v 4.9.4
Universal Media Player with Smart Translation
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A Modern Take on A Fantastic Classic
Smart Translation
  • Speech RecognitionBeta - Convert audio to text
  • Multi-languageBeta - Built-in translation service
  • Customize language, font style, and delay for subtitles
Incredibly Versatile
  • Playlist - Swift, light, and graceful
  • Privacy - Keep safe with Privacy Protection Mode
  • Cross-Platform - Seamless experience on Mac and Win
Modern Design
  • Playing View- Ultimately consice with full view display
  • Interaction - Fluent and natural experience
  • Launch Page - Fast, elegant and easy-to-use
SPlayer Legacy
V 3.7
Neat, Safe, High Performance
  • Simply Powerful

    Key controls become visible only when you hover your mouse over the screen. Plus, there’s no program spam while your track is being played.
  • High Performance

    The new SPlayer supports 99% of the video formats. It will also allow you to preview your videos at different time points above the progress bar.
  • Smart Translation

    One of the unique features of SPlayer is that it’ll auto-fetch translation results of those popular videos that come with known titles.
It offers a neat feature that automatically searches for subtitles.
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